Creating a Website – Inspirations, Planning and Sketched Designs

Inspirations for my Design

I have begun to research different layouts of websites which I find innovative and intriguing to work with while still correlating to my websites style and purpose. It is important for a websites design to resonate with the goal and definition of the websites creation.

The slick, clean and innovative design of ‘Coloured Lines’ allows for users to be immediately engaged through the bright colours, large menu headings and universal icons which result in simple navigation for users. The succinct and simple headings lead users along specific specialised parts of the site.

I also like the content hierarchy and layout of the Wollongong art gallery site. The way the rollover works and the gallery carousel of art from the gallery is quite aesthetic and appealing. The menus and navigation are also quite simple and easy to use allowing for easy navigation.

Planning how my site will be structured

It is important to have a clear idea of the way I want my content to be structured before the creation and prototyping phase of the design process. In this way, I have made a site map to display how my content will be presented to my users. I have created this site map with user navigation and utility at the foreground of my design, making sure all the menus and options are intuitive and link easily to specific topics. The menus will be succinct and will lead users to pages with more information.

Sitemap Cronulla

Good photographs and writing on my site will also be extremely important as one of my goals is to create a professional website. Having professional photos will intrigue users and when matched with intelligent and interesting writes users will become engaged with the site. Another one of my goals is to create the feeling of being at Cronulla through this site.

Sketched Designs