Creating a Website – Prototyping, Colours and Menu Layout

I have created a coloured wireframe with the colours and design which resonate with the suburb of Cronulla which have a modern and simplistic hierarchy. By refining my first wireframe layout I have been able to understand the limitations of my design and what I would have to change to make the design user friendly.


I have also incorporated the colours which I wish to use. In hindsight, looking at this design, it is flat and not very modernised. I would like to change it to having a gradient style of colour and slow progression of blues rather than the same blue throughout the menu. This will make the design cleaner and more so aesthetically pleasing.

The balance between wanting my own creativity conveyed through this task and user proficiency and ability with this site is something which I will have to keep in mind. The client is always right, in this case the assessment guidelines and criteria must be followed, so my designs will have to follow this.