Creating a Website – Definition, Goals, Objectives and Finding the Right Colours

Aim and Definition: To produce a new website for the south-eastern suburb of Cronulla which is modern, innovate and provides information about its attractions, lifestyle and accommodation/travel.

  • The main goal of this site was for it to be modern, aesthetic, simple and have usability and responsiveness for the end user.
  • The target market and focus would be those looking for a holiday, being a broad site and appealing to families, couples and singles alike. As Cuauhtemoc (2012) suggested, appealing to more public spheres is beneficial to a successfully functioning site.
  • Objective: To make a site which is functioning, usable and appealing for the target market while implementing images and interactive functions. The design will be used online as a marketing tool for Cronulla tourism as there are no reliable, aesthetic or usable sites for Cronulla. This redesign will be implemented using indesign.


Finding the Right Colours

A website must employ a variety of colours which resonate with the brand or ideas which are being focused on. As I am attempting to create a website for the suburb of Cronulla, I have decided to employ Abode Kuler in finding the correct colour scheme for the prototype of my site.

Abode Kuler is an interesting site which takes a picture and creates a colour palette from said picture. I imported a picture of the beach of Cronulla (being its main attraction) and was given these results:

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.40.21 am

These colours employ the cool, calm and innovative nature of the beach while still being salient and aesthetic in their own right. The colours work well together conveying a ‘beachy’ vibe to end users as inviting users to experience Cronulla as a travel destination.

The message being conveyed through these colours therefore is that Cronulla is a family friendly and relaxing place to spend time at, being the main goal of this website creation.

The colour choice and design is therefore important to the overall aesthetics and usability of the website, as end users are the main focus of creating a site.