Cool or Drool: Magical Girl Apocalypse

Cool or Drool is where I read the first chapter of a manga, decide if I like it or not and give you my honest opinion of whether I will continue reading or let my doggo drool all over it. Let the games begin!

Magical Girl Apocalypse combines two of my favourite genres, magical girl and gore horror porn. It is reminiscent of High School of the Dead with less fan service and more abrupt deaths than you could ever think off. I’ve never experienced a manga where we’re introduced to two new characters, just beginning to get to know and relate to them and they literally die in an instant with no closure or even minute to let their deaths weigh in on the characters, of whom we don’t know will survive the next page. It’s bloody insane (excuse my pun). These indiscriminate deaths kept me on the edge, wondering if my favourite fan service filled character would be the next to get slammed by a cute little magical girl.

It sicks to the usual gore fest manga aesthetic with lots of blood, bones, flesh and cut off heads with the odd half head to break up the body count. This manga adds an interesting concept to the dark magical girl aesthetic and usual zombie killing which is a refreshing way to unpack and experience the genre. The art style isn’t really my usual cup of tea but I can enjoy how sadistic the magical girls look in each frame and the fear that characters experience.

Kii starts off like one of the stereotypical guys who goes for the prettiest girl in school AND he has a shot with her, he’s not popular but had a few friend and tries not to make waves with the popular kids. Just an average Joe. Quickly he turns kinda beast mode and puts the survival of him and his friends first, stepping out of his stereotypical bubble and beating ass. His nerdy friend takes up the weakling role who needs protecting adding to Ki’s already likeable character and he takes to group situations well, navigating his classmates effectively. They were just lucky that they got those seats in that minivan, hot topic if I do say so myself.

I want to know why the magical girls are attacking, more of their powers (which means more deaths) and how the fuck this is all happening in this instant. The unique design for each magical girl so far is so intriguing and detailed which alludes to even more fun later on which is a big attraction to read on with this series. The thing is, I like Kii, the nerdy girl and big boobs the best out of the first 7 survivors so this book works for me and I’m keen to see where it goes.

This series is definitely an interesting one for me where I found myself desperately wanting the next volume as soon as I put down the first. Each chapter added something new and fresh which changed my perception not only of the characters but the new world that they would have to navigate immediately without any hesitation.

Magical Girl Apocalypse is cool from the first volume which leaves me super excited to read on into the future chapters, I hope the same pace will be used throughout the series and will keep up to date on how I’m feeling about this manga.