Creating a Website – Usability Test Results and Changes to Prototype

Usability Test Results

I used the following open-ended and specific questions to ensure that my website is usable, creative and responsive to end users.

Objective: Learn if users can navigate the site easily, make bookings, find the layout aesthetic and the information readable.

  1. Explore the site for 5 minutes, read as much information as possible.
    • How easy or difficult was it to find more information on beaches.
      • How did you find this information?
    • Did you notice the social media links and search bar on the header? Why or why not?
    • Did you like or dislike the images or colours?
    • Is the text too small or big? – is there too much information?
  2. Attempt to find all the menus to book a holiday at Cronulla.
    • Was attempting to book a holiday simple or complex?
    • Were the pages and navigation easy or hard to find?
  3. Plan a day out with the family and a night out with friends!
    • Which pages did you go to? Why did you go to these pages? How did you find these pages?
    • Did you find the information helpful or useless?

My results showed:

Efficiency – The time it took participants to navigate the site was quite quick on average, one had trouble trying to find things to do at night, however found the dropdown menu eventually. The participant said implementing a search bar may have helped which is interesting as he did not see the search bar or social media icons at the top of the site. All tasks were completed by participants quite quickly conveying the usability of my prototype.

Effectiveness – Participants rarely made errors in the tasks which they were given, when they were exploring the website, they learned how the interface worked, where the menu’s and pages were and how it worked. Only one participant struggled to find where to book a flight due to the label of ‘Travel’ however all other participants found it easily.

Satisfaction – All participants were quite satisfied with their experience and in performing the tasks. They were all mostly on track and never got lost due to the simple hierarchy and menu layout. However, there was some mention of being unaware of the search bar and social media menu as well as having too much information and the text being a tiny bit too small.

In conclusion, the test was an overall success. The aspects of the prototype which need to be changed are the position or colours of the header social media and search bar, as well as the text and information on some pages to become larger and more so succinct. Participants also said it would be helpful if there was some visual aid on the site also, meaning I will have to implement symbols and icons in the site.

Website After Changes

Taking my usability test results into account, I have changed the sizes of my font to make the font appear larger and have cut down on some of the information making it more succinct. I have also used more symbols and have made the site more visually drawing and appealing by using icons and a clearer hierarchy for my navigation.