Creating a Website – Starting from Scratch, New Wireframe and Prototype

Throughout the creation and experimentation of prototypes and designs of my first website wireframe, it became quite clear that this project would become to complicated and difficult to make within the confines of this task. So, I have decided to redesign my site and create a new wireframe and prototype which I am in the process of creating.

These are the wireframes I have been working on for my site which stray far away from the one I originally planned to implement.

With this design I hope to make the navigation and usability of the site much more simple while still using the same colour scheme and image based style of display. I hope to include many images from Cronulla in the background of the website to highlight its beauty as well as accompany the typeface and text used.


I have decided to use MF Sippin on Sunshine as one of my main typefaces for headers and titles as it correlates heavily to my beach vibe and theme of the site.


This week I have also decided that I will try to make my site more so interactive, so having an interactive image gallery would fix this problem, however may be to complex to achieve in InDesign. Experimentation will have to be undertaken.

Usability Test Questions and Objective

I have also developed some questions and tests for a usability test which I plan on implementing for my site. The sample is as follows:

Objective: Learn if users can navigate the site easily, make bookings, find the layout aesthetic and the information readable.

  1. Explore the site for 5 minutes, read as much information as possible.
    • How easy or difficult was it to find more information on beaches.
      • How did you find this information?
    • Did you notice the social media links and search bar on the header? Why or why not?
    • Did you like or dislike the images or colours?
    • Is the text too small or big? – is there too much information?
  2. Attempt to find all the menus to book a holiday at Cronulla.
    • Was attempting to book a holiday simple or complex?
    • Were the pages and navigation easy or hard to find?
  3. Plan a day out with the family and a night out with friends!
    • Which pages did you go to? Why did you go to these pages? How did you find these pages?
    • Did you find the information helpful or useless?

~ krisesandchrosses ~