Mid-session break, better known as, procrastinate all of my procrastinated work

Hello again! It is I, Kris, here to tell you about how am very behind in all my uni subjects, need to catch up and am procrastinating catching up by writing this blog post. Great.

The last eight weeks of university have been… Challenging to say the least. I am quite involved at my work place being there three days a week and am at uni three days a week having Tuesday as my day off. It’s a tad stressful only having one day for myself but I guess having a social, work and study life balance really doesn’t work. Guess I’m choosing social and work then.

It’s become hard to meet up with my school friends as often as I would like to. Everyone is busy with their work, busy with their partners or have something better to do then catching up for food and drinks. It is really tolling.

I said to myself at the beginning of this year ‘only put the people who put you first, first’ if that makes sense… I have a dilemma you see, I am too ‘meek’. My friends describe me as meek as I am too nice, wont bounce back with an argument or just take the insults they throw at me. So therefore in my world, they are still my friends. Hm, not anymore.

The people who I enjoy spending time with are those who build me up instead of tearing me down every chance they get. By taking a step back, I can see that I am becoming happier by surrounding myself with positive people. Its nice.

I still have things that worry me though. I know I’m not someone’s number one friend, I know I’m just a place holder and I will be thrown away soon when everyone finds someone else. But at the moment, I’m content with that. I’m fine, even if it does hurt me. I guess that’s just life.


That’s it for friends, how about I talk about work.

Retail is… fun. The people are great, customers, not so much.

It has taught me to bite my tongue and has trained my patience to become what it is today (I am very patient).

I never thought I would enjoy hanging out with car nuts as much as I do, but I do. It’s strange because I’ve rejected the idea for so long since my dad slammed it into me. But now I understand why, it is really fun to talk about beautiful cars and become enthralled with them.

Who am I. Kris a year ago would never say that.


How has university changed me?

I have become more willing to be sociable, to talk to new people and to have new experiences. It has lead me to the path of what I want to do when I leave and the possible careers which await me. Notice how I didn’t say career but careers, as the future for my profession will be forever changing and I understand and embrace that.

Digital Media is what I find enjoyable, and I should’ve realised this a long time ago. Content creation and management, social media management, whatever the world gives me I will be happy.

I feel as though I’m starting to put myself first. I’m just not quite there yet.