Creating a Website – Research and Analysis of Cronulla based Websites

A tourism website should incorporate salient images and eye catching text which draws a user and creates an experience. A user should be able to experience the place which is being highlighted without even being there.

Using the Sutherland Shire suburb of Cronulla, we can identify that no such sites have been created for tourists to gain an in-depth knowledge about this beautiful Shire coast attraction. Cronulla has a variety of unique cafe’s and bar’s, ice creamery’s, dinner hotspots as well as nightlife all with the ocean breeze and sound as a backdrop.

Some of the sites which provide information now are quite vague in giving information and are laid out quite poorly in relation to elegant and well thought out design practices.

My aim in this assessment is to create a site which solely focuses on the beauty, wonder and excitement which is Cronulla, as a suburb. I also wish to convey Cronulla as a tourist attraction, not only being known for its beach, but its shopping, fishing, nightlife and cafe’s.

Blog Post One – Looking at other sites and making comments on these sites.

The site is well constructed with clear menus and detailed information about Cronulla as a suburb and beach. It provides the user with an abundance of photos and galleries for entertainment as well as supplying the user with other blogs about Cronulla itself. The site first brings the user to a ‘highlights‘ menu filled with a summary of things to do at Cronulla while still having specific submenus which boast even more information and entertainment. Having soothing calm colours such as a tealish blue and white provide the user with a feeling of being at the ocean which provokes a flowing ‘feeling’ to the site. The Typeface is also quite good being clear and the page is readable for users having a simple but clean hierarchy for users, while having hyperlinks which provide even more information. Overall this site is quite good, however is not a specific website which is for Cronulla which is what I would like to create.

Trip Advisor is a great website for any individual planning to go on a holiday to somewhere specific and planning out a tight scheduled holiday. The site is packed with menus which supply users with reviews of restaurants, attractions and accommodation on their desired destination. In regards to Cronulla, there is a plethora of information on everything a traveler would want, however has limited images. However that is one of the only downsides. The site has a clean and simply hierarchy with menus and text allowing for easy navigation. It also provides a lot of interactivity with google maps being employed as well as other third party accommodation and flight sites to further the sophistication of this site. The website however is not responsive when resized and mobile and tablet sites are quite busily laid out.

This site provides users with very limited information, images and interactions with the suburb of Cronulla and only seems to focus on the beach aspect of the suburb. With very unappealing colours and a menu hierarchy which is somewhat difficult to navigate, this site falls short. The redeeming factors of the website is that it provides inclusive information on what the beach can do for disabled individuals as the facilities available. It also provides the ability to pin point Cronulla on a map so that users may gain insight into where exactly this attraction is. However, the positives do not outweigh the negatives, the fact is, this page is poorly constructed with little to no information on the suburb other than the beach with small text and is somewhat unreadable for the user.

In conclusion, these sites are the inspiration for my own site which will highlight Cronulla. I hope to create an intriguing well designed site which has salient images, text and a plethora of useful information, it will be interactive as well as being entertaining for users.