‘What audience share does reality television have amongst university students’

So as you may know (or not), I started my BCM212 research with the idea of discovering if university students thought that reality television was fictional or non fictional. This idea (however interesting) was quite one sided and I quickly realised that I would not have many questions to ask about it. I seemed to have already known the answer myself, that I would be bombarded with responses which had preconceived notions of reality television being ‘fake’ or ‘scripted’ leaving no substance for the rest of my research.


So instead, and still keeping with the theme of reality television, I decided to embark on the quest to create a new question for my curiosity (with the help of my BCM212 tutor Renee). She assisted me in creating a question which I found intriguing as well as having a variety of questions I could ask of it (still finding out if people thought reality television was reality). Finally after thinking about this topic, I decided to base my research on ‘What audience share does reality television have amongst university students’.

In creating this research topic I am able to gain an understanding about what other individuals enjoy about reality television, (also still being relevant to television stations and streaming services alike) as well as enjoy this research about something of which I am interested in. Therefore use of this research remains the same.

As for how this research will be conducted, I am planning a focus group (do contact me on twitter if you would like to come along) with various visually based questions, as well as a survey which is live at the moment. If you’d like to assist in my research please click here.

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