Valentines Daye

Trying to write something humous on Valentines Day is actually quite difficult to do, I guess I’ll just have to write about random shit again, I guess that’ll be for the best.

Today (well yesterday actually because Kris was being a lazy little shit and didn’t decide to write a blog post on Valentines day) was quite boring. For a day that is supposed to be celebrated with those you share loving connections with, it was quite boring, for me at least. The major reason for this is most likely the fact that I am not in a relationship, or could be because I can’t be bothered doing anything on a day that celebrates something that I do not have. (I am very salty I know).

I hate to embrace my inner Valentines Day Grinch but I just don’t really like the holiday that much. I don’t understand why you would love somebody any less or more just because there is a Day for it. Shouldn’t you be loving that person consistently, not more or less due to one ‘special date’ on a Calendar? I feel like the whole ‘holiday’ in some way has mis-conceptualised how people should share their relationships with others and each other. The materialistic way in which the media and commercial groups target couples creates a society which has preconceived notions of ‘how to love’, which is, through materials and social media instead of emotion.

Oh and don’t get me started on all of the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter ‘Appreciation Posts’ for everyone and their dogs ‘special someone’. IM LONELY OKAY I DON’T NEED TO SEE ALL THESE PEOPLE SHARING THEIR LOVE WHILE IM ALONE WATCHING MOVIES AND ANIME…

Sorry Caps. The point is, Valentines Day makes me very jealous of those who have relationships and those people in relationships should feel bad. hehe.

Of course I am being satirical here, I understand people enjoy sharing their relationships because they truly care about each other yada-yada-yada. I just hope that someday I can find that special connection with someone so I can be on the other side of the window that I am looking through at the moment.

~ krisesandchrosses ~