Themes, Boredom and Timetables

February 9th, 2016

Who would have thought I would actually want to go back to uni. I am actually so bored at the moment. Work is boring, video games are boring, I’m boring and what’s worst is NONE OF MY FRIENDS WANT TO DO ANYTHING EITHER. It sucks!

So, at the moment (for the past two hours) I have been sifting through possible themes for my blog to give it a more… Professional look (nice big word Kris heh). I never thought that trying to decipher which themes that I wanted and ones that just looked pretty would be a metaphor for how I contemplate about day to day things in the real world.

“oooooh, that ones shiny”, “THAT ONE HAS YELLOW ON IT”, “It. Looks. Perfect.”, “Everything lines up just how it should.”, “I want it now though.”

It’s hilarious how fascinating trying on different themes is. Just likes clothes shopping, or games shopping, or any shopping really. I still cant find what I want.

Then comes the, “I wonder if other people will like it? Will they judge me? I hope they don’t judge. FML NOT GETTING IT NOW LMAO.” And so the cycle of me never buying any clothes finding a new theme for my blog continues.

In other news actually I finally made it into the middle ranks in one of the games I spam on the daily. Finally made it to Gold V in League of Legends. It’s one of my favourite RTS games at the moment and has been for around 3 years I think. Of course I am not spectacularly good at this game (even though I have spent an absurd about of hours playing it) but it allows me break free from the constrains (and boredom) of my life at the moment, so it feels great.

I also think it feels great because my friends think I’m horrendous at the game and I’m now the highest rank out of all them. Sucked in aye. I’m thinking that I just wanted something to strive toward for the past few weeks, like a goal that I’ve finally achieved. It feels great, I just don’t know what to do now. Definitely have to find the right theme for my blog, next mission, set.

Today is the day I die. First round of tutorials come out today for my subjects. I just don’t want a horrible timetable, a shit one is alright. Classes after 4:30, no thank you, please, don’t. Want. Ever. Again.

I wouldn’t say the drive home from Wollongong at night is bad, but its not good. I’m praying to the tutorial Gods that I get a good timetable, because if I don’t, I will be ringing up UOW head office to try and get a tutorial swap. ( 😉 xoxo love u uow aye)

As for today, I’m feeling pretty good. A little tired due to the bellows of the beast next to my room when she had to wake up for school and the non-subtle fighting to get out of bed between my mum and her (*beast = 15 year old sister). Friends have been pretty complacent, I have decided to start reading again starting with The Hunger Games (favourite book series EVER).

So I guess that’s it for now, I’ll see ya when I see ya. Ciao~


~ krisesandchrosses~