A Year in Review (Tips for BCM112 Students)

A year ago today, I began my first day of university. I was ecstatic that finally I would be with like-minded people all of whom had the same beliefs, hobbies and interests as me. Oh how I was naïve.

So I thought, now in hindsight, ‘Why not share my experiences and knowledge with the First Years.’, also because I wanted exposure since my blog hasn’t been popular since BCM112 ended last year…



Nothing can prepare you for university and that is fine. It is how you deal with the challenges, problems and successes that defines the rest of your experience. One experience (of which I will never forget) was going to every BCM112 lecture and always leaving satisfied with what I had learnt, heard and tweeted. Yes tweeted. Twitter is love, Twitter is life.

This subject is something that you really can’t put into words, it is an experience that keeps on giving even after the semester ends. It gives you the skills and opportunities to become someone who can understand why YouTubers are so popular, why we buy into the fictional characteristics of legacy media and how to become internet famous (the last one may be a little far fetched but eh). There is no other subject that will give you the freedom of BCM112.

Did I mention that creating memes, tweeting and asking questions whenever you like are allowed? Just remember that Ted always loves a good meme.

I think I’ll spilt this post up into the three parts being the Digital Artefact, Blogging and lastly twitter.

Digital Artefact


Literally, I walked up to a girl, asked her if she’d be my friend and she flat out said no… All of that was recorded and posted on YouTube for the whole university to see. It was funny yes, it was a horrible feeling yes, but people liked it, and found it funny so I continued to make funny skits and videos on Vine with my friends.

That’s all Ted is asking, just to experiment with platforms, people and the type of content you are creating. The opportunities then are infinite! People who have done this course have gone viral before, you could be the next person if you play your cards right.

If you’re still not understanding what I’m saying, just remember this little tagline:



As long as you’re trying to curate, create and aggregate content online, you will be enhancing your skills and fulfilling the Digital Artefact component of this subject. So don’t be afraid to post a shitty video of you doing something stupid, Ted will love it either way!

And always remember to be consistent with your content creation! It’ll help you in the long run if you start early and produce a lot of content to grind out all of the problems early on!


Blogging is actually pretty lit, you’ll have to do one a week for the whole of the semester on a new topic each week. It’s pretty lit really. It’s lit. Lit.

Again, be consistent is the most important thing. You will be marked on your consistency on writing blog posts for each weeks topic as well as commenting, giving feedback and creating discussion on your peers posts. Basically shit stirring if you like.

Blogging is really fun and should be considered that, every time I wanted to write something I always started with making a meme from the topic of the week and writing my blog post from that. Easy! (This course is basically one big meme machine so get used to it).

Also be sure to integrate examples from your own interests and lives into the topics and your blog posts each week. What Ted and the other tutors don’t want you to do is regurgitate the lecture, that’s no use to you or them really. Fresh ideas fam.


Follow me on twitter btw @krischristou for great and interesting tweets that highlight my misfortunes in life, hopefully they are entertaining to other people.

Be open to enjoying twitter, to ease yourself into it get your friends to download it with you and experiment with it. Trust me, its fun!

I cant really say a lot about twitter other than that I have made over 1,600 tweets in the past year and I low key want to kms because I feel as though I have wasted my life. Heh.


WELL, I guess that is it from me.

Any questions just pop em in the comment section below, have a good first session fam! Its so lit honestly.