Media Convergence? The Battle Between Apple and Android

8aIdRdi.pngThe battle between Android and Apple has been raging for several years. Which is better? What has more features? Which is more socially acceptable? Who has the new iPhone? Is the new iPhone worth it? Are there new apps that I need? Did Stacy by an iPhone? Ew Georgia bought an Android.

It is this sort of reaction from individuals that sparks the debate. Which product is better?

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.31.35 pmWhile Apple is more so popular with the younger generation, being quite popular for it’s “social acceptance” and the “needing of a new iPhone”, an Android Phone also offers the same tools needed. Android offers an unlimited amount of customisation, freedom some might say when compared to Apple of whom does not allow freedom such as app creation, tinkering with source code and various other actions.


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