Perception is Key


What is a bat? Perception is key.

Media texts can be described as the different types of ways in which companies convey their content. This can be seen through different platforms of the media such as videos games, movies and even books. Each of these media texts offering differing perspectives and perceptions on how individuals react to them.

These ‘perceptions’ of texts are key to discovering the way the media can influence us towards thinking, acting and reacting towards a medium.

This also leads onto the idea of ideology being that each individual will react to a stimulus of material differently depending on their experiences or perceptions in life.

Controversial images spark this discussion of an individuals perception and reactions towards certain media texts.


What is this image and what does it mean? The context of this image is in relation to the oppression of women due to the Islamic faith and the use of cloth to conceal themselves. Their faith uses this clothing to prohibit women from attracting other men as their bodies are only for their husband.

The signifier in this case is the Niqab being used in a way which symbols oppression and control which Islam has over women. Using dark, hard, metallic colours suggests the facist ways in which individuals treat women as well as the themes and powerful messages which this image invokes. The steel bars across the eyes convey the nature in which Islamic women feel as though they are trapped and cannot escape the lifes in which they live. It also sparks the discussion of women having no rights or freedom in the Islamic faith. However, at the same time it is a women’s choice wether they wear this clothing or not.

This image is purely used for the notion of awareness to the public that womens rights are being breached. It is used as a campaign which is quite confronting to establish how women are not allowed a future due to having little education and freedom. It conveys the message of rejection, oppression and capture in relation to Islamic women.

However. What is a Niqab? It is a garment used by an Islamic woman to express her faith. It is a sign of modesty to her husband as well as other men, as a woman’s body is sacred and must be kept from men. This then therefore has the effect of empowering women to take control of their own bodies.

Which of these perceptions is right? Empowerment, or oppression.

Perception is the Key.

~ krisesandchrosses ~

(I also found this story very relevant to this topic: It contrasts the beauty of individuals living with a terrible illness).