Annotated Bibliography

This is the annotated bibliography for my digital artefact: Five Second Summaries

1: [‘Pop Up’]

I was first inspired by ‘Pop Up’ in my BCM112 lecture as it was a great idea which had almost unlimited possibilities and avenues to where it could go. It was a great example of what a great Digital Artefact could be allowing it to be a great source for what a successful project could become. ‘Pop Up’ relates heavily to the first idea which myself and my group had been ‘On the Spot’ which put individuals on the spot in awkward situation. This is very similar to ‘Pop Up’s interviewing style which we did not adopt in our own project. We decided to shy away from this after realising the amount of effort that ‘Pop Up’ went to, so we made vines instead. This is a great source for which we could gather information on what could make a great project and inspired the idea for our DA.


2: [‘What makes a good YouTube Video’]

What I did when I first decided that I would be broadcasting my face across the internet was to research what a good YouTube Video was. This is a part of the ‘For Dummies’ website and franchise. The website and post provided an educational way of looking at how to make a YouTube video providing tips on how to make a good YouTube video. It provided the practical side of how to make a YouTube video with information such as what lighting to use, etc. This is relevant as it assists in the quality control and the way in which I will create my DA.


3: [‘Jimmy Fallon’s Five Second Movie Summaries’]

In Jimmy Fallon’s own talk show, there is a segment in which celebrities are invited to sit down and summarise the plots of movie in five seconds or less. This is a television show. This was the major inspiration for our DA as we plan to summarise our lives (majorly being life at university) in five seconds or less. This was extremely helpful in the creation of our first vines as we were able to identify how to summarise things in five seconds or less and base our main inspiration on.


4: [‘How to be an Introvert at Uni’]

This source being a newspaper article online focuses on university life and how introverts are spread wide across the vast landscape of ‘university’ as a concept. Being helpful in understanding how university life works, I could also gather that university life is not broadcast widely across the internet and not in an entertaining way. University is said to be described as a place in which people “learn and communicate with each other” which is what I want to convey through my DA. So, deciding to make a channel based on Uni life was the correct choice. Therefore, this article was extremely helpful. This relates to our digital artefact as we would like to convey Uni life through ourselves being extroverted and not introverted.


5: [‘7 University Life Hacks’]

This source is a YouTube video of which focuses on ‘7 Uni Life Hacks’ of which are conveyed in a satirical way. The presenter does this by using 7 little skits of which relate heavily to university life. In relation to my topic, university life is what I would like to focus on and this source provides a variety of different views towards it. This video is also highly helpful in providing ideas for which we can adapt to my own channel and how we want to convey university life.


6: [‘This pretty much sums up University Life’]

Being a thread on reddit, this post allows for discussion on the topic matter of summing up university life which is in high relation to the concept of my Digital Artefact. This source also is relevant it is relatable to other uni students as they find common ground, this making the post more so popular. It is also very helpful in identifying what individuals find entertaining about university life and what is relatable so my DA can be an inclusive environment.


7: [‘Bored at Uni’]

This website provides interesting information on what to do when you’re bored at uni. This provides videos, music, news, etc. This in relation to my topic is that uni life is boring so through my DA I would like to lighten it up not only for myself, but others. This source was helped in the development of my project as it helped me understand what people find boring at uni, allowing me to create my content without this being included.


8: [‘A Guide to Uni Life: The one stop guide to what university is REALLY like’]

This source is a book of which describes a “basic guide to uni life” of which is narrated by a university graduate who has been through it before. This is a great source to have as it enables me to understand what university is like from a post-graduate’s perspective and what they found to be interesting. I could then focus this in my vines. In relation to my project, it conveys a new understanding of university life which is unknown to myself and others, putting a new spin on things which is extremely helpful in understanding what is interesting in uni life.


9: [’50 things to do before you leave university’]

This post from a UK newspaper online establishes 50 things which people should do before they leave university. In relation to the concept of my DA, it is highly in relation to it as I am focusing on university life and what is interesting about it. This focus allows me to take inspiration from these 50 things on this post as “University is a very special time in your life”. It is through this idea that this source is extremely helpful in generating ideas for my project in relation to university life as these 50 things are what you “have to do before you leave university” giving my university audience information and hopefully entertainment.


10: [‘#unilife’]

By using the #unilife thread on vine, I am able to establish who and what my audience is based around. This allows for communication of people’s lives at uni, displaying only relevant sources for which I can adapt to my own project. This is extremely helpful as an inspirational source as people create new content every day, allowing me to see what is popular and what has already been done allowing me to keep up in the popular culture also. This hashtag will be for my future audience making it extremely relevant to my digital artefact.


11: [‘The Ellen Show’]

This source being a television show provides much needed inspiration and hilarity to my project. The movie summaries segment usually go for around 2 minutes, however are packed with bite sized skits and jokes of which could be adapted to vines. This source was helpful in the way that I could identify how to summarise things and make entertaining content for my audience.