What is a Dream?

A dream hits us when we are most vulnerable. We are dormant, non moving, automated.

A dream has a physical and non-physical form, it can become reality and fiction in an instant. It can be achievable yet so far reaching that you’ll never get close to it. It is the motivation that gets me through each day, because my dreams correlate to my happiness and my happiness is worth being hungry for.

Dreams can have a physical manifestation if an individual is willing to believe in the intangible thoughts and feelings. A dream for me, at this point in my life, relates to fantasy. Fiction is how I escape these nightmares, by creating worlds in my mind that don’t really exist, but I can dream. A place where there is no judgement, but every feeling, every joy, every physical entity that I have always wanted. Then, somedays, this notion is stripped away. Nightmares claw at the warm sheets of my bed, tearing the blankets away from my body, breathing a chilling air down to my spine that plants seeds of doubt waiting to bloom.

The notion of having nightmares, then also becomes true in a physical form of doubt, laziness, sloth, depression. Our parents tell us from a young age that these terrors of the night are just a dreams and that they will protect us from thick and thin. However, what happens when these safety nets are gone? What happens when we don’t have anyone to check our wardrobes, under our beds to get under the covers with them so they can shield us from the things we are scared of. Do these dreams then become a reality for us?

I was a child with a plethora of ridiculous nightmares. They always plagued me before I slept, chased me into my dreams until I was exhausted and woke up asking for my mum’s help. Never once did they cease, until one moment, they didn’t exist anymore. The world doesn’t really revolve like that.

A nightmare doesn’t just go away. It saps at your every being. Your motivations, your dreams, goals, aspirations and objectives, it does not stop beating you down until you believe that you will never be good enough. This doubt takes a physical form in our nightmares and is a truly horrifying monster in our closest. It makes me feel weak, as I was back when I was a child.

I want to be my nightmares protagonist. I want to face these challenges, these adversities to fully realise the dreams I seek to fulfill. Some are obviously too far reaching, but it never hurts to try and become or aspire for a goal that is higher than the sky itself. Because without dreams, what are we living for?

My dreams correlate to the thirst for happiness that extend beyond the physical capabilities that I am constrained to in this life. It is a getaway as such. I wish I could realise these dreams but fate and other entities such as life get in the way and lay these dreams to bed, tucking them in tightly for the monsters under my bed to slowly gnaw at.

These dreams take me away. I float, I fly, I soar feeling the ecstasy which I seek in a world a pure imagination. The atmosphere is warm and giddy with positive thoughts circling me filling me with hope and happiness. Sometimes I wish my dreams would never end because I achieve more than I ever will in reality. This is where I realise that my dreams are dangerous. This is where I realise the concept of dreams are dangerous. Because when these dreams are not achieved, they feel like nightmares.

The concept of a dream can be correlated to a feather or a set of extremely heavy dumbells. Either we float with these dreams in hand to our destination and goal, or sink down into the pits of our own eventual destruction. It is good to have dreams, but daydreaming to much without context of your reality is truly dangerous.

This post is not to say that we should not aspire to do great things, but to be weary of our own physical and mental states when it comes to achieving these dreams. Just because we seek it does not mean we should have it. Take care of yourself and those around you before obsessing over a goal that could be a determent to you in the long run, because, in the end, dreams should be positive. It is when dreams have negative implications that they transform into nightmares.

Late night thoughts with Kris.

~ krisesandchrosses ~