Spider-Man Homecoming has avenged the horrors of past spidey films brilliantly

Spider-Man Homecoming has been one of my favourite movies this year thus far. It mixes elements of old school superhero movies with modern cliches, humor and techniques to create an experience which is enjoyable for both newcomers and fans.

The film has absolutely crushed previous Spider-Man films in likability, retention and opening weeks. Reviews have stated the way the film has been constructed in a “user-friendly, sanded-down, After School Special way.” Owen Gleiberman – Variety. Which is an extremely entertaining experience.

Myself being a newcomer to the universe and superhero movies created a uncertainty of whether this film would be ‘cringey‘ or ‘too cliche’. I was wrong. I absolutely loved the plot, actors and story which Jon Watts created. It was brilliant. Watts has weaved a world full of lovable characters which is connected to the Marvel universe, the inclusion of Tony Stark (Iron Man) as a mentor was also a brilliant move with the debut of this relationship being in Captain America: Civil War. I believe this series will be an exceptional new beginning for the Spider-Man universe and that Watts has a vision for the next films being created.

The newest Peter Parker, Tom Holland, portrayed the young yet complex spider-man amazingly. The relatable way which he was able to convey the hardships of a stereotypical American teenager going through some tough choices in life exemplified the character and shows the skills of this young actor. His mannerisms, appearance and ability to portray such a powerful individual while still remaining relatable to teenagers and young adults is outstanding.

It was also extremely fascinating to watch a younger Peter Parker develop his relationship with Aunt May (Marisa Tomei). Their relationship was quirky yet all fell to the basis of caring for one another as this is all they had. Peter always had his Aunt at the back of his mind which conveys no matter how powerful you are, family always comes first.

It was a stupendous film which exceeded my expectations for a Spider-Man movie and reignited my love for super hero movies. For this film to be so innovative and sleek really did appeal to me as I imagine it would appeal to a variety of kids, teenagers and adults alike. This film was made for fans and newcomers to the franchise and was executed with precision, providing nostalgia, thrilling action scenes, a great plot and lovable characters (such as M.J speculated to be Mary Jane who is played by Zendaya- awesome, funny, quirky character, a brilliant addition to the cast).

With the film grossing 7.7M in Australia on it’s opening weekend, I would bet that the next series of spider man movies are going to be spinning a web of tales like no other.

~ krisesandchrosses ~