Second Semester Break Thoughts

So it is that time of year again. Its transitioning from a life of frostbite, hot chocolate, blankets with books and movies and the best thing of all the ending of all my favourite anime, to a journey of summer loving down at the beach. I hope you realise that the majority of this paragraph is sarcasm.

At the moment I’m pretty stoked with the way this year has gone so far actually. I’ve gotten closer to new friends, drifted apart from people who I used to call my friends, had experiences which I never thought I would and actually take my uni work seriously and enjoy it.

The fact that I’ve found something that I’m good at and enjoy is honestly one of the best things that could have come around this time this year. After learning that my happiness, future and wellbeing comes before my friends, I have felt more entitled to live my life the way I want to, and I know it sounds cheesy, but follow my dreams and aspirations of the future.

With my subjects at the moment at university I feel extremely comfortable, apart from the fact that I’m just passing Marketing which indeed is a lot harder than I thought it would be. On the other side of the spectrum I’m doing extremely well in my digital media subjects which is making me think about what the future may hold. Should I persue only digital media? Or major in both? Its a battle between the idea of having a possible career in a field that I love, or going for a market which has reliable, stable and somewhat boring employment opportunities.

I have had my mind set about double majoring in Digital Media Communication and Marketing and Advertising Communication, however I feel like my feelings for digital media are much, much stronger. This honestly makes me feel extremely uneasy, unsure and scared about what the future may hold. I CAN’T MAKE A DECISION! I feel like a teenage girl going out on her first date, the blue and black dress or the white and gold one? An extremely metaphorical question, it is that, it doesn’t really change much, in the end I will be going out on the date and probably have a good time. Meaning, that it shouldn’t matter which major I choose, what I do for the future, because that is the adventure which is life.

In other news, my digital artefact (Five Second Summaries) is going quite well. I’m enjoying the creation of vines still and creating this content online for everyone to see, even though I’m making a complete ass of myself. With this, I am discovering how people see me and my online persona as well as what people are intrigued by and flock to for entertainment. Overall its just a fun project that I really do enjoy.

So, basically, that’s my catch-up for this semester, I cant wait to write my blog post for the end of semester.