Hello. Its Me.

Well Hello.

I guess I’m back from not posting for around a month (lucky you) and now I am able to share my thoughts on various cybernetic, information networking, internet and technology topics. I’d like to think of this space as my own place to vent my opinions, emotions and the persona of whom is krisesandchrosses.

So, I feel like I should introduce myself to my new peers of DIGC 202 and just say “Hi! I’m weird! Lets be friends :)”

Basically my name is Kris Christou (yes my parents hate me. I know), I am an 18 year first year student of whom studies a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, hoping to accomplish a double major of Marketing and Advertising and Digital Media Communication. (I am prepared for my death, already picked out the flowers for my funeral). If you follow me on twitter you would realise that it basically me consumes me through each session and am quite active so you should probably follow me (no pressure).

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I enjoy dogs, Nutella, Japanese things, video games and dislike cats and having to get out of bed before 10am.

Basically what I am going to be giving you through this blog is a series of bad jokes and ideas for which I base my argument on and then fail to provide support but still think I’m right anyways.

For this session I am most likely going to be continuing on the path of creating vines as Five Second Summaries with the lovely Brooke by my side. You should go follow us on all the social media you have, for that go check out our twitter page @FiveSecondVines for more info and stuffs.

But for now I guess that’s it. Hope you don’t get bored.