Consumers, Producers, Prosumers. Oh my!

The term “audience” has evolved and transcended through time as a simple gathering of people to a multi-million dollar business in which consumers of content have now become the producers. It is the term “Prosumer” which audience has evolved into, in which the audience has become the consumer and is no longer only consuming media, but creating it for their own audience. Hence, a Prosumer is born.

y4eZuSS.pngAn example of this way in which individuals can be both consumers and producers is YouTube and its system of video sharing. It is easily identifiable that YouTubers create content for their audiences, these audiences liking this content and responding to it with their own. There is no Gandalf to stop these individuals from passing the barrier which has stop so many talented people from making it “big” online. The internet has an infinite audience and infinite content creators.