What am I? I am a creator.

As my degree finishes it’s third year and will begin its final one, the never ending question from my family resides in the one ear-numbing and painful question of “so, what does this degree let you do? Do you know what you want to do after?” For the past 3 years I have had a variety of professions such as a journalist, social media manager, marketing manager, public relations specialist and even an Instagram influencer (my 500 followers on Instagram let you know how lit I am- sarcasm intended).

Recently, (and when I say recently I mean over the past six months) I have had serious trouble answering this question that even children respond to with ease. I got up the courage to say “I don’t know…”

The thing is, I wasn’t scared saying it. I wasn’t terrified, I didn’t break down and fall to my knees sensing the world crumbling down and crushing me into a speck of dust because I have spent three years studying media without knowing what I want to get into (I know it sounds like an existential crisis but I promise you its really not). Do you know why?

“… but I guess you could call me a creator?”

With a twitch of their nose and a crease between their eyebrows they nodded but asked “So one of those people talking on the YouTubes?” I chuckled a little before I realised that it would be seriously cool to be a YouTuber but they may have missed the point a little. That’s not their fault though.

A creator isn’t just one thing, not a single entity could be ascribed to a creator and I think that definition suits my style perfectly. The thing is, I’ve switched through career choices like people switch their digital artefacts my whole life. Once I wanted to be a vet, then a policeman, then a chef, a power ranger and even a marine biologist.

My parents will tell you I’m a man who changes my mind quickly from the 17 sports and activities I went through while I was growing up, which many people find surprising about me. Yes I was sporty. Yes I still enjoy sport. No I am not making this up. Yes I like cheeseburgers too much to ever make it as an athlete. I digress.

As an aspiring media professional, the label of my work is extremely hard to constrain with very little barriers to overcome to transition into another line of work. That’s why I love it. People will always need creators to inspire generations to come with fascinating ideas and content to spur on creative thought.

It’s taken me quite a while (around three years) to figure out that I could be a creative person and mold a future with this ability of mine in mind. Creativity is a science in itself which I am fascinated with. Ideas which may be stupid but could be the catalyst for something great. Like a science I experiment with outrageous concepts for media that I can create and test them measuring their responses and feedback, putting myself out their to show the world what I’ve got. This is what I’m passionate about. This is my profession.

The point here is that I don’t believe that my career will have a label other than that I will be creating a variety of shit that people will hopefully enjoy. Most importantly, I hope that I will be creating shit that I enjoy but I’m sure as hell not going to be making “Hello Kitty” memes my entire life (but if hello kitty is hiring currently please contact me at kc918@uowmail.edu.au). Again, I digress.

Creative industries today are caught up in making things which inspire people, that drive change, that can make a difference in our world. I guess this is what I would like to do, I just can’t see myself in a 9-5 job looking out the window and wishing I was cuddled up in my own room watching anime alone (it sounds depressing- and it is). The thing is, I want to make my own stories, my own expression and my own content to inspire through the attention economy. However, with the in-explicit correlation between the commodity of time and money, this will be an extremely hard dream to achieve. My motivation is what will drive me here, as a creator.

Moving along into my fourth year at university is not as much daunting as it is comforting at this point. As it is my final year of examining, analysis and (most importantly) creating content and media, I hope to move forward as a more creative individual to curate things that are meaningful to people like myself. If I could fit that sentence into a job title I would, but sadly, LinkedIn only allows for so many characters in its bio. For the final time, I digress.

I haven’t written in YONKS. So please excuse my writing style, hoping to write more in the holidays!