Why are Results Important

We spend thirteen weeks studying, laughing, submitting and waiting, all for these results at the end of the semester that define how we handled and understood a specific course as part of our degree.

So why are these results so important compared to the individual learning involved in these courses. I will say that some subjects/courses in my degree have taught me to learn from experience and learn in an individual way. Courses such as #bcm212, #bcm112 & #digc202, have lead me to believe that you are measured by individual understanding and not a set criteria of ends you must meet.

This brings me to the notion of results being of a different type of importance then the worth of someone and their intelligence. This is due to the inherent fact that all individuals divulge and dissect information differently and should be graded accordingly. However, this would take a great deal of man power and time to achieve.

There are negative implications in society where people who do not conform to a specific way of learning/sorting information are left behind and somewhat frowned upon, as if they are not worthy. There results were not good, so why should they even bother.

At the moment I am waiting for my results to come back, and as much as I care about that tiny little number for each course that I took, I realise that I tried my hardest. I wrote as an individual, learned as an individual and asserted my learning as an individual. I believe I understood the courses that I took and have expanded my knowledge across the digital media and marketing feels. So my grades in this way should not matter to me as much as society pressures me.

We are all individuals in a world where conforming and remaining hidden is the norm, so why not take a chance and break free from the results that chain you down.

At the end of the day, results mean nothing, it is an individuals actions, goals and personality which get them ahead in life (or at least I’m relying on that to).

Sorry for this little rant I am a tad bored and can finally write again after working six days straight. Pray for me fam!