MEDA101 Assessment 1 – At The Water (Still Image Project)

Manifesting something of which is deep within is quite a difficult task. However, through the use of both the Lumiere brothers rules of remoscopes and Lyon’s poem as motive to create this work inspired the conceptualisation of my inner thoughts and feelings. The plethora of notions which could be conceived by Lyon’s poem creates a broad approach. Taking a more metaphoric route, and using a linear sequence to convey past emotions displays the feelings which I expressed, as well as kept hidden. This is the way I wanted to express where I have come from and how I have changed. Notions of anxiety, loneliness, darkness and isolation were the chains which held me, I felt like there was no where out. However, wherever there is darkness, there must be light. Through the constrains of the remoscope basis, understanding that by imposing limits you are able to transgress boarders was extremely useful. The fiddling and experimentation which came from this paradigm of film production has enlighten my understanding of what makes a film truly beautiful.