A Hackers Bread and Butter

Hackers like what they do, and they’re good at it. Individuals have hobbies because they are interested and enjoy whatever it is they are undertaking. Is that not the same with hacktivists and hackers?

The notion of ‘The Game’ (there is actually an online hacking game also) in relation to hackers is the idea that these individuals want to beat the machine. A hacker hungers for the satisfaction of being superior to that of a machine.

“Rushing through the phone line like heroin through an addict’s veins, a refuge, this is where i belong” ~ The Mentor, Conscience of a Hacker (1986) One of the Founders of the Legion of Doom

This however leads to the hacktivist paradigm of Anarchism, as a modus operandi. The places where these people were exploring and establishing was without any government regulation and hackers knew this. The early subculture was any resistance to any rules, guidelines or regulation. They wanted freedom of information, but instead, they created chaos.

“Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me.” ~ The Mentor, Conscience of a Hacker (1986)

An example of this chaos can be identified in the hacking group ‘Poodlecorp‘. The group thirsts for anarchy among the internet, leaving nothing untouched. One of their most recent hacks was towards a number of large YouTube channels, some being, WatchMojo, LeafyIsHere and Redmercy. This involved the mass change of video titles, reading ‘HACKED BY POODLECORP twitter.com/poodlecorp’ and it all being live tweeted by their very own twitter account (talk about speed and scalability using the medium as their message).

“[Hacking] It’s the damage to the institutions that is spooky and disheartening;” ~Sterling, B. (2010). The Blast Shack

Poodlecorp also hacked major gaming servers such as PokémonGO, Blizzard and League of Legends, making their severs crash for approximately 10 hour periods.

This is a malicious attack, they enjoyed it and Poodlecorp understand what they are doing. The archetype of a hacker also manifests this idea of proving ones self in the hacktivist community. So by DDoSing all of these big servers, companies and YouTubers, they are able to gain exposer and add to their own ethos in the community also again adding to anarchical nature of hacking.

As said by my lecturer:

“Anarchism is used as an, aesthetic choice.” ~Ted Mitew

Chaos is a hackers bread and butter.


~ krisesandchrosses ~