SURVIVOR – The Public Sphere

This week, BCM110 introduced me to some interesting thoughts on how the media can influence society in different ways, these ways being described as theories. The theory which was focused on was ‘The Public Sphere’, being a collection of individuals, commenting on their own ideologies and perspectives on matters in an open forum and collating these ideas. This sphere as such is a metaphor for the Earth which we live on and our now modern society which is ever changing.

Think of the public sphere as a 18th century coffee house as described by my lecturer Sue. The place where everyone would be to exchange information, talk about current events and bitch about Sandra and her new mini skirt which is totally SCANDELOUS.

The Public Sphere also brings up the debate of rankings in society, where people stand and how they can climb. I can think of no better media text then the television show ‘Survivor’ created by Mark Burnett to convey this notion as well as issues which can be discussed in a Public Sphere.

Survivor is a reality television show of which has had outstanding success on American television and is now being brought to Australian screen. The show uses a system of progressive elimination of contestants until there is only one ‘Sole Survivor’ remaining, giving this individual the title and the million dollar prize.


The game boasts manipulation, deceit and lies as it’s headings and shows that to be successful in this game, these attributes must be displayed. For 32 seasons this has been the basis for this program, how has this media text, so different from society, become so popular among Americans?

In society these morals and ideals would be unacceptable, so why are media audiences so enthralled in this Machiavellian game?

That is why. The definitive difference between society and ‘the game’.

As I sit down watching this amazing show I think. How could this affect me in the future? I realise it has enabled me to realise what is real and what is not real when individuals interact. This media text could be the basis to teach individuals how to be successful in life, that manipulation does allow you to become successful. I mean, it works for this game right?

What happens after the game? Many people have had various mental health issues, physical issues as well as creating charities, using their winnings for good and making life long friends and enemies.

This polarising media text sparks more discussion, I could write page upon page about it, however I am at my limit right now which makes me extremely sad.

~ krisesandchrosses ~