What is a Media Audience? You!

So what is a Media Audience?


My friends…

You are! You of whom are reading this very blog is being influenced by the media this very second. Influenced by my every word, every character… That took a turn for the creepy side didn’t it..


A media audience is a group of individuals of whom are being influenced by the media and are provoked to think in similar or differing ways. You could say the media is like a good cop and a bad cop. One is being quite pleasant and nice to you, asking you if you’d like a cookie (still waiting for those cookies Sue), while the other is ripping out every last hair from your head… The media is quite similar.


No I’m not saying that your computer or phone screen is going to grow arms and start beating you to death. The media has ‘good’ parts and ‘bad’ parts, influencing the audience around them in various ways. This then therefore allows individuals to have clashing or similar perspectives and attitudes towards issues, programs, games or other various media forms dependant on what media they have ‘ingested’ (love that word in relation to this subject).










The Media can then be identified as manifesting a controlled environment. Are they brainwashing us!? Possibly.

This debate of the media controlling us can have serious ramifications towards our society in which people distrust the media. A sense of ongoing paranoia from modern society which has never gone away.

Ah the media. Providing us with arguments since its invention. This dystopian thinking is not uncommon however, it vastly plagues modern society today. In contrast a utopian way of thinking is also alive, an example of this is Kevin Rudd’s idea to supply all children around Australia with technology in schools (my how that worked out for him).

This then was the catalyst for a new generation of children. A “Generation who grew up Online”. This one line from my lecture had a lasting effect on me. What would it be like with no internet to keep me sane in my lectures. No internet to distract myself from my dad dancing. No internet to hate on Justin Beiber. No internet to download movies from. No social media!..

Media has become apart of everyone’s life. It influences us beyond anything before it creation…

Many studies have been undertaken in which it has been proven or disproven that media can effect individuals whatever the medium or message conveyed may be. (#bcm112)

Video Game and Violence correlation was the one that was the most salient in my opinion. As a gamer myself, I do not believe I have become a more violent or aggressive person due to video games. However, I do believe while playing these types of games aggression is a major factor which keeps me playing.




Various violent video game studies have researched the correlation between aggressive behavior and violent video games. This video sums it up quite nicely.

It is interestingly stated that violence in schools has actually decreased in numbers as more of these ‘violent games’ have emerged. This study shows how sometimes the media can also effect other media platforms and our perception of these platforms such as violence in video games. We then come to the assumption that the video games are at fault and not the humans who are playing them.

In an extremely satirical sense, it can be displayed that violent video games can be the cause of violence, however this brings up the issue. Do guns kill people, or do people kill people? How would video games therefore make people more aggressive by the same argument.

It is a tough to identify how media audiences are effected by media, how they are effected and what this effect is doing to our society and the media. However, I hope this has been insightful enough so that you may understand what a Media Audience is and how this media audience can be effected.


~ krisesandchrosses ~