You can hear me? It’s the idea of NOW!


‘It requires no small intellectual effort to realise that this is a fact that now is, and not one that has been.’ ~The New York Herald.

The entirety of the world was set to a standstill when the idea of immediate communication across land and sea was created. The idea of NOW. Throughout history, advancements in technology have allowed us to communicate more so effectively with people on a national, international and global scale. The ideas are limitless is what you could say, in regards to with who or with what we communicate with in the future (Aliens. Definitely aliens).

The idea of this real time communication network influenced the people of the 1900s to the 1920s in how they communicated with each other. It also changed their interests and popular culture, news and sports could be relayed immediately via noise communication. It was a revolution that you could hear someone without seeing them. This kind of experience would have been unknown, individuals became interested in far away places, different cultures and ways of living, different places.



To relate it to a modernised way of living, it would be as if twitter just added their trending system. Individuals would be able to see what hard hitting events are going on around the world live. The feeling of inclusion and comradery between the whole world, that is what these people felt.

However, this idea of NOW was not so widely appreciated by all. It meant that information could be relayed quickly and easily, it was revolutionary for communication but was the world becoming too small, too fast for individuals of the time to become immersed in it?

The New York Times, 1858, had criticism saying that this way of communication was ‘Too fast for the truth.’ which could be identified to this communication being foreign and being way to quick for the people of the time. So is it really a positive that the world is becoming a tighter series of networks?