Facebook Owns Us?

a25875b6adbde7406e7448d6815d0d6c4613132eb36ba3457708bad026969c34The control of individuals through media is undertaken through media platforms and companies manipulating an individuals mind and thought process. In this way they control ‘us’, thus these very influential people own the media and our perceptions and perspectives towards events conveyed through the media.

It is in this way of thinking that it can be identified that the media does not only control what we see but what we think, speak and do with this information. Thus the media owns us and our thoughts.

More practically, the social media giant ‘Facebook’ owns us in the way that individual use this media platform to indulge in social interaction online. This platform however seeming harmless and advantageous for the modern age which we are in, it can be seen that they are using us for their own needs.

It is well known now that Facebook, the creation of this now 31 year old Mark Zuckerberg, has sold information from Facebook users profiles for marketing purposes. The innocent public however signed up for this in the terms and conditions (of whom we all know; nobody sees) to entitle their information to be viewed by Facebook.

Have you ever wondered why if you liked a picture of a baby that more and more baby pictures showed up? This is due to Facebook recording what you like, using this information and allowing you to see more of these pictures of this nature.

In this way, the same technique can be used to discover what people like about products on Facebook, what they dislike and how they can market these products for better success.

Furthermore, this means that Facebook controls what we see, how we see it and when we see it. Effectively controlling the media around us while we part take in the use of this social media platform. The media truly is controlling us, effectively owning us.

It is not a fact of people owning the media, it is the fact that individuals can control the public through the media. I should probably stop using Facebook so much huh…

In conclusion, Facebook is evil as are most media platforms.

~ krisesandchrosses ~